Begin by creating a project. This is the foundation of your report. Projects can contain any number of issues. Add information to your project: Give it a title, reference and add your client’s details.


Record issues with a photo, add a title, assignee and comments. Comments can be as short or long as you require - when generating your report the app will work out the layout for you.

Don't want to call them Issues? That's fine too, you can customise the app to call them items, problems, defects or anything you can think of!

Image Annotation

Annotate photos to highlight important information, using a variety of tools and colours.

These annotations will appear on the report to help show off the exact issue you are identifying.


Sign off your projects with nothing more than your hands. Draw your signature on screen and add it to your report.

If you have a compatible iPad you can also use an Apple Pencil. This also makes annotations quicker and easier.

More features to help get the job done